Staff. Nexus Tv Srl

Audio and video post-production, music consultancy


Monica Cerruti

Studios planning
doppiaggio e studi

Manuela Del Grosso

Strategy & Business
Development Executive

Mattia Fioravanti

Annalisa Neri

Technical Supervisor
Luigi Manzi, Valerio Palermo

Music consultancy

Matteo Di Guida

Building maintenance

Edmund Bongon

Music consultants

Matteo Di Guida
Mattia Fioravanti
Tobia Fossati
Fabio Gregorio
Daniele Pobbiati
Alessio Portello 
Patrizio Ricci
Federico Zanetti
Loris Zanetti

Post production

Studios supervisor
Fabio Gregorio

Video editing
Michele Macrì, Luigi Manzi

Audio post production
Valerio Palermo, Luca Tommasoni,
Lorenzo Boffelli

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